INTRODUCING: A Comprehensive Learning & Resource Center for
Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapists.......
The A to Z of Workers Compensation, No-Fault & Personal Injury Claims
 Did you learn this in massage school?
Do you know 
what to do if....
              As a massage therapist or a massage student, 
you know just how important it is for you to 
learn different techniques and get your license before you schedule any paying clients.

when you went to massage school, did you learn about insurance?
I am talking about workers comp, personal injury and auto accidents.

looking at statistics, there are over 
10,000 serious auto accidents every year here in the state of hawaii!

Ask yourself....
are these people you would like to be able to help???
How likely is it for any of your clients to ever get injured???

It is very important to know all the "How-to's" before you even schedule their first appointment.

Would you like to learn from someone who:

-  Has been doing it successfully since 1997
-  is an accredited nCBTMB instructor on this subject
-  has 99+% pay success rate from insurance companies

if you want to learn all the how to and 
bypass all the frustration of learning thru experience with trial & error....
go ahead and fill out your information down below

get instant access to the virtual learning and resource center 
for hawaii licensed massage therapists

There you will have access to
 over 3 1/2 hours of instructional videos broken down into small chunks
everything that you need from a to z 
when it comes to workers comp., personal injury and auto accident claims.
........DO NOT WAIT & Get Your Access Right Now! 

  •  A Compilation Of Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Hawaii Accident Claims Processing Field 
  • Taught By An Accredited National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage And Bodywork Instructor
  •  Over 3 1/2 Hours Of How-To Videos  
  •  Learn How To Make It Easy To Accept Accident Claim Clients.
  •  Comprehensive Resource Center With All The Documents You Need  
  •  Your Deluxe Toolbox So You Learn To Avoid Mistakes Made By Others  
  •  Available 24/7  
  •  Updated As Rules & Procedures Change 
What You Will Learn:
#1: Getting Referrals
Who can give you referrals?  

It all depends on the type of insurance claim.   You will learn the specific of who can refer based on the type of claim. 
#2:  Insurance Companies
.....Questions to ask before you schedule an insurance claim client
.....Information is the insurance company permitted to share with you.....and much more!
#3: Submitting Claims
.....which forms you need & why to fill out claim forms
.....which billings codes to use
.....what additional documents you will need for special cases, etc.
And much more!

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